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Just found this podcast and I love it!

I love finding new techniques and strategies for being debt free and building wealth, and if you do too, you'll love this podcast.

Really great and informative podcasts

This couple has it figured out financially! They really do a great job explaining how to tackle debt and how to effectively stay out of debt.

More episodes would be great!

They're really informative without being boring and I love the personal examples and philosophies they give.

A Great Financial Podcast

Love this podcast, especially the episode on what to do after paying off debt! Their take on a "Freedom Fund" is refreshing.

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Episode #20

Everyone loves a good debt freedom story, but how can you stay out of debt once you become debt free? In this episode, we share the behaviors and habits that have helped us remain debt free for over three years.

Episode #19

Co-host Ashlee loves planning trips. She creates travel guides, helps friends and family map out the perfect vacation, and obsesses over the obscure local must-sees. In this episode, Ashlee leads us as we dive into what the average traveler should know when planning a high value, low cost vacation.

Episode #16

Getting out of debt—be it credit card/consumer debt or student loans—can seem like the biggest financial hurdle of our lives, but what should we do after becoming debt free?

Episode #15

As you’re busy paying off debt and making better financial decisions, where do you draw the line between continued debt reduction and spending on things you want? Is it really practical to never buy things while you’re in debt repayment mode?

Episode #14

What if you could travel around the world for free? Through the world of credit card churning, this can become a reality. On today’s show, we’re joined by one of my good friends and credit card churning expert, Ro Leavell. He breaks down everything you need to know to go from zero to expert in the world of credit card churning.

Episode #13

The average American household carries over $150,000 in combined debt. Between cars, houses, credit cards, and student loans, many of us carry debt higher than our net worth. We’re not helped by the fact that much of our American culture has a very pro-debt mindset. Today on the show, we challenge some of the common rhetoric about debt.

Episode #10

Joining me on the podcast today is my good friend, Mason. He works in finance and has a broad understanding of the ins-and-outs of Life Insurance. He joins the show today to share his knowledge.

Episode #9

Budgeting can be a struggle for many of us. When you’re not budgeting properly, it can cause guilt, frustration, and an overall lack of excitement about your finances. Today, we break down those common pain points and discuss ways to budget more effectively.

Episode #8

Throughout the past few years of improving our finances, we’ve narrowed down a few key behaviors that have strengthened our overall level of financial fitness. In today’s podcast, we break down four of those behaviors.

Episode #7

Do you live paycheck to paycheck? According to CNN Money, over 75% of Americans live this way. Today, we’ll quickly discuss how you can break this cycle and finally get some breathing room for your finances.

Episode #6

Does the thought of manually setting up your 401k make you sweat? In today’s episode, we break down some of the complexities of the traditional 401k plan to give you the confidence to make the best of your retirement savings.

Episode #4

He loves credit cards. She loves cash. Will we ever get along? In this episode, we discuss our varying views on the great cash vs credit card debate. We also discuss how we use credit cards in our financial lives.

Episode #3

In this episode, we share our debt story and the steps we took to get out of debt and stay that way.

Episode #2

What does it really mean to be financially independent? In this episode, we’ll explore the financially independent lifestyle and how you can achieve it for yourself.