The average American household carries over $150,000 in combined debt. Between cars, houses, credit cards, and student loans, many of us carry debt higher than our net worth. We’re not helped by the fact that much of our American culture has a very pro-debt mindset. Today on the show, we challenge some of the common rhetoric about debt.

[1:51] Discussion on the fact that healthy economies rely on debt

[5:38] Discussion on the idea of using debt to avoid missing out on life opportunities

[12:19] “Renting a house/apartment stinks?” It depends

[15:20] How to build credit while also being debt free, and how to best utilize a credit card

[21:01] Discussion on depleting an emergency fund to pay off debt

[26:28] If you’re not enjoying frugality, you’re probably doing it wrong

[34:25] The joys of avoiding debt

[36:07] How to know when you can effectively utilize debt

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