Co-host Ashlee loves planning trips. She creates travel guides, helps friends and family map out the perfect vacation, and obsesses over the obscure local must-sees. In this episode, Ashlee leads us as we dive into what the average traveler should know when planning a high value, low cost vacation.

Our quick tips

  • Get ahead of it. Try to plan at least 3-6 months ahead of your trip
  • Find out the Shoulder Season
  • Use a travel planning toolbox
    • Google Maps
    • Google search for Travel Guides by travel bloggers
    • Pinterest search for Travel Guides
    • Listen to our guide on Credit Card Churning
    • Use incognito/private browsing when searching for flights and hotels
  • Don’t go overboard on paying for convenience.
  • Over-budget by at least 20-30%

Ashlee’s recent travel guides

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